Voucher for F2F Dating – the perfect gift!

Voucher Face to Face Dating

Voucher Face to Face Dating

Would you like to give someone the gift of F2F Dating? Here you can select and purchase the appropriate voucher. The voucher is valid for 3 years, even if our prices change during that time. If you pay by transfer, you’ll receive the voucher directly upon receipt of payment (please bear in mind this can take up to 3 days). If you’re using PayPal or Creditcard, the voucher will be sent automatically once you’ve paid. Your transaction falls under the conditions of our privacy policy.

  • Option 1: Voucher for 1 person. Cost: GBP
  • Option 2: Voucher for 2 persons. Cost: GBP.

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How to redeem your F2F voucher:

  1. Fill out the following form and select option 1 (voucher for 1 person) or option 2 (voucher for 2 persons).
  2. Then click „Order voucher“. You can then choose your method of payment.
  3. After receipt of payment we will issue you your voucher and email it to you (typically within 12 hours maximum).
  4. You can then print your voucher and gift it.
  5. The voucher can be redeemed when you sign up for F2F. Just give the voucher code in the appropriate field.

Here you can find out more about F2F Dating: