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Who we are

Face-to-Face-Dating was founded on 1st May 2013 by Rico Hetzschold. The founder is supported by a small team of dedicated co-workers who are also responsible for organizing the meetings and dates. They also help bring new and brilliant ideas for dates to the table.

Our goal at Face-to-Face Dating:
Investing less time in the partner search and having more fun doing it. Meeting new people in bars, clubs or online is not so easy. Men generally don’t trust themselves enough to approach women in clubs or maybe find themselves having drunk too much. And trying to find a partner online is very time-consuming. With Face-to-Face Dating you’ll invest just one evening and meet 12 new people. Chances are, there will be someone there you like. Even if you don’t end up meeting the right man or woman for you, you’ll have a good time and meet several new people you can add to your friendship circle.

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