Not Speed Dating

What is Face-to-Face Dating? NOT Speed Dating

At F2F Dating you’ll visit 3 bars in one evening and sit at a table for 6-8 each time. There are no awkward 1-to-1 situations. F2F Dating is a relaxed “pub crawl” style form of dating. See how Face-to-Face Dating compares to the traditional form of speed dating:

Face-to-face dating speed dating
No 1-to-1 situations. Sit at a table with 6-8 people, just like meeting with friends. Answer the standard questions in an awkward 1-to-1 situation.
With 6-8 people someone is always talking.

Awkward lulls in conversation.
Lots of time for flirting and chatting. Quickly deal with the standard questions.
Bring a friend: sign up for the date in pairs. Go on the date alone.
You’ve got 1.5 hours to get to know someone and make a connection, e.g. by finding things you have in common. If it’s someone you like, 7 minutes is very short.
Meet new people regardless of gender. Friendships can be made. Lots of couples meet through friends. Limited to meeting only people of the opposite sex.
Low cost ( GBP per person)

Usualy around 20-35 GBP depending on the provider and age.
Party for all participants at the end. No party.
A follow-up date organised by F2F is included in the price. Organisation of a follow-up date is not included.

How does Face-to-Face Dating work?

How F2F dating works

How F2F Dating Works

6 people meet in a bar, including you and your partner. You always participate as a team of two. Women especially tend to take advantage of signing up with friends. However, if you decide to register alone, a partner will be assigned to you. After 1.5 hours, the location changes and you’re off to a new table of 6, which consists entirely of new people. So you do not meet anyone twice in one evening. After visiting 3 bars all participants come together for a final meet-up. The next day you can choose who you would like to see again. If 2 people tick each other, a follow-up date will be organised. This is also included in the sign-up fee.

Conclusion: With Face-to-Face Dating you have 1.5 hours per bar to meet new people. There are no uncomfortable 1-to-1 situations, as you always sit at a table of six. To end the evening there is a meet-up with all participants. After the event you can tick your dream partner in the voting process. Then we’ll organise follow-up-date if there is a match.

With speed dating you get to know a lot of people in a short time. However, it is not possible to establish a connection in 7-10 minutes. In such a short time you can only impress with appearance; there is no time for more. Speed dating is also not ideal if you’re looking to add to your friendship circle.

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