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Who is Face-to-Face Dating for?

  • For those who find online dating too time-consuming
  • For those who don’t want dating to become a source of pressure
  • For those who want to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere
  • For those who think speed dating is too fast
  • For all who like to party at the club but don’t want to make the move

What does the press have to say about F2F Dating?

How does dating with F2F work?


How many people participate in the bar hopping? Here are our TOP numbers per city


Frankfurt, 07.04.2017 212 participants
Berlin, 16.11.2018 209 participants
Hamburg, 02.11.2018 184 participants
Cologne, 05.01.2018 168 participants
Hannover, 20.02.2015 145 participants
Stuttgart, 16.11.2018 144 participants
Dusseldorf, 09.03.2018 132 participants
Mainz, 13.04.2018 128 participants
Munich, 06.04.2018 123 participants
Dortmund, 28.07.2017 96 participants
Bielefeld, 06.04.2018 95 participants
Freiburg, 06.04.2018 94 participants
Brunswick, 06.04.2018 89 participants
Copenhagen, 04.01.2019 63 Participants

Gone are the days of time-consuming online dating sites, fast speed dating, “nothing gained, nothing lost” blind date cooking nights and, yes, the dreaded blind dates themselves. We’ve revolutionised the dating market and developed a concept that combines all the benefits of previous dating services.

This is how it works: the concept behind Face-to-Face Dating is as simple as love itself. You sign up alone or with a friend F2F Dating Sign up . After that you will receive the sign up confirmation. All information regarding the dating evening itself you will receive two evenings before the event by email. Then you’re all set. On the evening of the event the participants go to 3 different bars and get to know 4-6 new people at each. That makes at least 12 dates in one evening – in a completely informal, pressure-free group. At the end of the evening all participants will meet together in a 4th bar. True, there will likely be no Cassanovas that surface from this night of flirting faux pas. Though sparks may still be flying at one point. And for those who a little bit of help, we also have dating tips for you. Should one of the couples get closer during the evening, we will organise a second date free of charge in an intimate atmosphere.


How do I meet new people in London, Liverpool or Edinburgh?

Meet loads of new singles at the bar hop style dating event that is Face-to-Face Dating, now regularly hosting events in various Cities in the UK.