Dating in London | Face-to-Face Dating

Dating in London| Face-to-Face Dating

Next: 29.11.2019, 15.90 GBP, 1 night, 3 bars, 18 people. 1.5h per bar. Offline dating, no speed dating. 6-person table. No 1-to-1 situations.


How does Face-to-Face Dating in London work exactly?

  • Face-to-Face Dating in London means 1 evening, 3 bars, loads of new people
  • F2F is not speed dating, rather a laid-back “pub crawl” style group date
  • You’ll never meet the same person twice
  • Each stop lasts 1.5 hours
  • All bars are located within walking distance of one another
  • There are no 1-to-1 situations, rather one group table per bar

How do I meet new people in London?

London is spontaneous, curious and open to new things. If you’re in London and want to meet new people, try out new bars or discover a new style of dating, then Face-to-Face Dating is just the place for you. And most of all, Face-to-Face Dating is not speed dating.

The age groups will be divided as follows:

  • 1. Group: 20 – 35 years
  • 2. Group: 30 – 45 years
  • 3. Group: 40 – 55 years
  • 4. Group: 50+

Where does Face-to-Face Dating in London take place?

We look for areas that have at least ten bars located closely to one another as this is the number of bars that participate in one F2F event. The following hotspots in London have this many bars:

  • London Shoreditch – Around Old Street
  • City of London – Around Liverpool Street
  • London Islington – Around Upper St
  • London Soho – Around Piccadilly Circus

These are the places where our F2F Dating events take place. We change up the location each time so we can offer a bit of variety. We will send out the event schedule on the Thursday before the event which contains the exact bars, the start and end times at each bar, and the name of your team partner (if you’ve signed up alone).

Time schedule for F2F Dating:

  • 7.00 pm: Start in Bar 1
  • 8.30 pm: Change to Bar 2
  • 10.00 pm: Change to Bar 3
  • 11.30 pm: Group meet-up for all participants

How does speed dating work in London? vs. How does Face-to-Face Dating work in London?

Here we compare speed dating and Face-to-Face Dating. You can quickly see the brilliant bar-hopping group date that is F2F vs. dull and dry speed dating.

Speed Dating Face-to-Face Dating
Sitting in a bar: Just one bar, meet 7-10 people Bar hopping: 3 bars with 6-8 people each
Speed dating: only time for the standard questions = 7 mins per person Slow dating: time for getting to know someone in a relaxed way = 1.5 hrs per bar
1-to-1: just one conversation with one person. A meet-up with a stranger No 1-to-1 situation: just like a meet-up with friends, everyone talks to one another in a relaxed group
Bring you and only you: dating alone and without support Bring a friend: Sign up with a friend and attend as a team
No party: go home at the end of the night Party at the end: all participants get together at the end of the evening
Bottom line of speed dating: speed date alone in a 1-to-1 situation Bottom line of Face-to-Face Dating: meet new people in a laid-back atmosphere

How much does Face-to-Face (F2F) Dating cost?

Face-To-Face Dating costs £ per person. For that price you’ll have loads of fun and meet at least 12 new people. We’ll reserve the tables; you just need to show up. Chat, flirt and feel free to exchange contact info with the people you meet.

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