Dating in Liverpool | Face-to-Face Dating

Dating in Liverpool| Face-to-Face Dating

Next: 21.06.2019, 15.90 GBP, 1 night, 3 bars, 18 people. 1.5h per bar. Offline dating, no speed dating. 6-person table. No 1-to-1 situations.


How does Face-to-Face Dating in Liverpool work?

  • 3 bars in one evening + party at end.
  • Quiet place to get to know each other – no loud club music. 1.5 hrs per bar.
  • Keeping it real. Real people in real life. Offline instead of online.
  • Low cost. Includes a follow-up date organised by F2F.
  • No long-distance relationships. Meet Liverpool singles in Liverpool.
  • No 1-to-1 situations. 6-8 people to a table in each bar.
  • Don’t go it alone. Sign up with a friend.

Where does Face-to-Face Dating in Liverpool take place?

Due to our size, we’re in several of Liverpool’s boroughs in one evening:

  • Liverpool Ropewalks – around Concert Square
  • Liverpool City Centre – around Derby Square
  • Liverpool Georgian Quarter – on and close to Hardman St

We could have up to 160 people attending one Face-to-Face Dating event and would therefore be spread out over about 25 bars. You will visit ‚only‘ three of these bars, which are grouped according to age group. All of the age groups will however come together at the end of the evening for a final meet-up at one of the bars. Should there be more than 160 participants, we will look to additional parts of the city to ensure there will be enough bars to accommodate us.

What are the age groups for Face-to-Face Dating in Liverpool?

  • 1. Group: 20 – 35 years
  • 2. Group: 30 – 45 years
  • 3. Group: 40 – 55 years
  • 4. Group: 50+

What is the schedule for a Face-to-Face Dating event in Liverpool?

Each participant receives their own schedule and is therefore in each bar at a different time. The events are planned so that no two people meet twice and so that there are groups of 6-8 in each bar.

  • 7.00 pm: Start in Bar 1
  • 8.30 pm: Change to Bar 2
  • 10.00 pm: Change to Bar 3
  • 11.30 pm: Group meet-up for all participants

Are there any independent testimonials about Face-to-Face Dating in Liverpool?

There are numerous testimonials about Face-to-Face Dating, for example:

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Bild Zeitung
  • Glamour

Here a small selection of newspaper articles:

How much does Face-to-Face (F2F) Dating cost?

Face-To-Face Dating costs £ per person. For that price you’ll have loads of fun and meet 12 new people. We’ll reserve the tables; you just need to show up. Chat, flirt and feel free to exchange contact info with the people you meet.

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