Feedback F2F Dating

Some of you have given us feedback on the F2F dating. We have collected these experiences here.
The press has also reported on F2F dating. Here’s the Press Releases.

Peter, Copenhagen 22.02.2019
It surprised me that I ended up having such a fun night. I was a little nervous about going into the city all alone, since I didn’t know the others at all. And there were also some cute girls in between, and one of them I definitely want to contact

Edwin, Berlin 16.11.2018
Hello everyone, thanks for the event yesterday, it was a lot of fun! … I met a nice woman in the first round, Martina, which I would like to see again. How do I do that now in the insider with the voting. How should I get her phone number or tell her that I would like to see her again? Thanks and best regards, Edwin

Ida, Copenhagen 09.11.2018
Thanks for a really nice event. Nice alternative to Tinder.

Philipp u. Lina Frankfurt
Success story, registered on 05.11.2018 for the event in Frankfurt from 03.11.2017

Dear F2F-Team, Philipp and I were on 3.11. get to know and love each other at F2F in Frankfurt. Now, exactly one year later – on 3.11.18 – we got married. We would not have found each other without your event. A big thank you to you. Best regards, Philipp u. Lina


Andreas Berlin 19.10.2018
Thanks to you for allowing us to participate. It was a lot of fun again and I will recommend F2F as I have done in the past. Small Feedback: It would be advantageous if you would always plan for the change of bar about 10 minutes. Can you even think about it … Gruß, Andreas

Matthias Frankfurt 05.10.2018
Hello Team F2F, The evening was very nice and I once again met new bars in the Berger, as well as many nice people. Thank you very much for having moved on. I have been here a few times already and will definitely go again. Thanks again for the nice evening and see you next time. Sincerely, Matthias B.

Beliz Dortmund 28.09.2018
Hello, on Friday I participated with my girlfriend for the second time at Face2Face in Dortmund. It was a very fun evening and I would recommend F2F at any time. But I have one wish: Is there a way to specify a “desired age frame”? I would like to rather down, than up-orient … Greetings, Beliz

Nicole Hamburg
Success story, reported on 04.09.2018 to the event in Hamburg from 15.06.2018
Hello dear f2f team, we just wanted to say thank you. 2.5 months ago I was with my girlfriend at a meeting in Hamburg. My girlfriend and I met many nice, new people. My girlfriend a Frank, who even went the next day with us to Hamburg Ole (Schlagerparty from noon). In the evening he had a date with a friend to dance. Then my girlfriend and I went there … and what can I say … the friend stood there … .and … was love at first sight. Now it is already 2.5 months ago and we enjoy the time with US. It was a chance acquaintance, but if we had not met his friend at f2f, we probably would never have met each other.
Many, many thanks again for your great action with f2f !!!!! You will be invited to the wedding. Best regards Nicole

Christoph Bonn
Success story, registered on 10.07.2018 for the event in Bonn from 01.06.2018

Unfortunately, I have to cancel the event on Friday. I had already registered for 2 events and I was probably too hasty. My last participation in F2F has brought an angel to my side that I do not want to miss anymore. For this reason, unfortunately, I have to cancel now …… MfG Christoph

Patti Munich 29.06.2018
Hello dear, so I have to say the first start was great … I think it’s really good how the whole thing works out …
Have learned to know many new people and find it better as in all these flirt apps.
I have a request to you … I have a lot of rattling my boys from my team … The totally great were … unfortunately lost in the last location. I would like if possible … the contact details of Stefan (name changed) from my group. If he does not want to give it away … no thing … then you are welcome to pass on my data … then it is up to him if he answers.
So cool thing you’re doing … and the next time i’m back again 😬 Thanks in advance if that works with the info to Stefan (name changed) in my group.
Well, see you next

Susi Hamburg 25.05.2018
Dear F2F-Team, First of all many thanks for a super cute, funny evening in Hamburg! 🙂
I have participated the 1st time and my expectations were full hit … I had a lot of fun and have met quite a few nice people – nice men as well as female. 😉
Greetings Susi

Bianca and Carina Stuttgart 27.04.2018
Hi, first time. We had a great evening yesterday. It was fun.
We exchanged numbers with each other with many people, but unfortunately the exchange with Enrico somehow went awry. Is it possible that you establish the contact? He is confident that we will have his number and contact him because we have planned a reunion in the group. That would be really great. Best regards Bianca and Carina

Mike Dusseldorf 09.03.2018
Hello Face2Face, thank you for the nice evening in Dusseldorf last Friday. I had a good time. Two ladies I found especially nice. But I’m from Koblenz and thought I would not start in my city in the beginning if I messed up something, not on my doorstep. In hindsight was very stupid, because of course I now like 2 girls. But that’s my bad luck. For the sake of distance, I would leave it that way. Thanks again! Mike

Mareike Bremen 16.02.2018
Hey Rico, the dating was successful and I met an interesting man. This I have now sent via F2F Insider three different data for a date.
Thanks for that. LG, Mareike

Anna Frankfurt 05.01.2018
Hello Rico! It was very funny again yesterday. I wanted to say that I find yesterday’s closing location better than December because it’s bigger. When so many people are taking part, you should always take a bigger location, otherwise it will be too tight and not everyone will find a place, Anna