Dating in Bristol | Face-to-Face Dating

Dating in Bristol | Face-to-Face Dating

Next: 07.02.2020, 15.90 GBP, 1 night, 3 bars, 18 people. 1.5h per bar. Offline dating, no speed dating. 6-person table. No 1-to-1 situations.


How does Face-to-Face Dating in Bristol work?

  • 3 bars per evening + Party at end.
  • 6-8 people per bar. Never meet the same person twice.
  • Laid-back atmosphere. No 1-to-1 situations.
  • No speed dating – 1.5 hrs in each bar for getting to know each other.
  • Totally local – everyone is from Bristol.
  • Go with a friend. Sign up in twos.

In which bars does Face-to-Face Dating in Bristol take place?

We are spread out across different parts of Bristol. One age group will be based in one borough and therefore the bars will be within walking distance of one another. We can be found in any of the following parts of Bristol:

  • Bristol Old City – round King St
  • Bristol St Pauls – round Stokes Croft
  • Bristol Clifton – near Queens Rd

You can find the exact bars you’ll be going to that evening in your event schedule. In addition to the bars and when you should be at each one, you’ll also find the name of your team partner for the evening (if you’ve signed up alone). We’ll send out the event schedules 1-2 days before the event.

Which age groups meet for Face-to-Face Dating in Bristol?

  • 1. Group: 20 – 35 years
  • 2. Group: 30 – 45 years
  • 3. Group: 45 – 55+

How long do I stay in each bar and when do I change to the next one?

The following is a general timeline for the three bars. You’ll be in each bar for 1.5 hrs and the meet-up at the end of the evening is open-end. Your event schedule will show when you should be at which bar.

  • 7.00 pm: Start in Bar 1
  • 8.30 pm: Change to Bar 2
  • 10.00 pm: Change to Bar 3
  • 11.30 pm: Group meet-up for all participants

How much does Face-to-Face (F2F) Dating cost?

Face-To-Face Dating costs £ per person. For that price you’ll have loads of fun and meet at least 12 new people. We’ll reserve the tables; you just need to show up. Chat, flirt and feel free to exchange contact info with the people you meet.

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