Face to Face Dating now available in 10 british cities

Face to Face Dating, 1 night, 3 bars, 18 people. 1.5h per venue. Offline dating, no speed dating. 6-person table. No 1-to-1 situations.

Last booking on 24 Jan 2020 13:18 for Birmingham

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Meet your perfect match with Face-to-Face Dating

Looking for a long-term relationship? No doubt you have already tried online dating and had mixed experiences. If you still haven’t met that special someone, Face-to-Face Dating (F2F) is a promising alternative to meet him or her apart from online dating in real life.

The new way of dating: offline “bar hopping”

Different from speed dating, you’ll go out on the town with Face-to-Face Dating in a city near you – and you won’t be alone. You’ll meet at various locations in modestly-sized groups of interesting people who are also looking to meet that special someone. This way, you can have a simple chat or a deep exchange with other communicative women and men. The advantage of Face-to-Face Dating is clear: you can literally check out and observe your potential new partner, how they move and how they react to other people. If you want to be with someone who knows how to conduct themselves, you will learn it much faster than through flirting or chatting online. Meeting and assessing face to face: that is where the appeal of Face-to-Face Dating lies, as well as your big chance at finding love.

1 Evening, 3 Bars, 18 People. 1.5 hours per bar. Offline dating, no speed dating. A six-person table at each bar. No 1-to-1 situations.

Face-to-Face Dating is successfully making its way across Europe because the concept continues to work and convince. Even if you don’t manage to find your dream man/woman straightaway, you will meet new people and experience something useful that can only be achieved in real life. You may even learn something about yourself and what you can do better the next time you decide to join F2F Dating in London, Berlin, Copenhagen or somewhere else.

If you still haven’t met that special someone at the local supermarket or on your travels as a single, give it a try with the affordable fun that is F2F Dating. The fast pace of speed dating can leave you feeling out of breath and struggling to express yourself. This new way of dating will allow you to open up much more and have a good exchange with the person/people sitting across from you.

Nationwide partner search with Face-to-Face Dating

Our site offers you exciting and local contacts, thrilling flirts and dating tips. And all that also in the following cities:

Try your luck with the offline partner search that is Face-to-Face Dating, now available in 10 British cities (view the list here) : from Birmingham to Sheffield. Give yourself this new chance to let the sparks fly with someone you’ve just met and who would like to see you again. Of course it may take a bit longer than that, but by the end of the date you will have likely saved more than one mobile number.

Contrasting Face-to-Face Dating with speed dating

Meet new people in a relaxed way in „pub crawl“ style (slow dating) vs. quickly meeting people (speed dating). We’ve laid out what makes Face-to-Face Dating different for you:

Face-to-Face Dating Speed dating
„Pub crawl“ style: Visit 3 bars and meet loads of new people. Dating with speed: Sit in one bar at one table and meet just one person.
Slow Dating: Lots of time to get to know someone. No stress, especially when you find someone interesting. Either exchange mobile numbers directly or wait until the event is over when voting takes place. Speed Dating: Little time to get to know someone. Ask and answer the standard questions. No time for anything more.
Go in pairs: Sign up with a friend and meet new people together. Go alone: You’re on your own.
Meet lots of people: 6-8 people per bar at three different bars makes 18-24 people in one evening. There’s also the final meet-up with often more than 100 participants in many British cities. All in all, a great deal of variety. Meet 7-10 people: Meet 7-10 people of the opposite sex in a short amount of time.
A meeting with friends: At a table for 6-8 people you can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. A meeting with strangers: Talk with one person at table for 7 minutes.
Party at the end: All participants of all age groups get together to wrap up the evening. Go home at the end: No party to end the evening.
Bottom line of Face-to-Face Dating: Meet new people and discover new bars in a relaxed atmosphere. Time to get to know someone you like. Like a night out with friends. Bottom line of speed dating: Quickly deal with the standard questions in a 1-to-1 situation. No time to get to know someone you like. Like a night out with strangers.

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Last booking on 24 Jan 2020 13:18 for Birmingham